Welcome to the ISIOP Website!

This classroom observation protocol is designed to assist evaluators and researchers in determining the extent to which quality pedagogical practices and instruction about scientific inquiry are present in secondary science teaching. The ISIOP was created by staff at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), in Waltham, Massachusetts, in close collaboration with teachers, field test participants, and other instrument developers. The instrument development was supported through grants from the National Science Foundation (DRL #0535787 and DRL #0815364).

The documents you need to get started are listed below. Click on the title of the document to view the document. Please note that in order to access the ISIOP training materials you will need to create an account.

ISIOP User's Manual (PDF)
Provides an overview of the ISIOP, use considerations, and training procedures for conducting observations of middle and high school science instruction.

ISIOP Codebook (PDF)
Provides definitions of the codes used for observations.

ISIOP Data Collection Instrument (PDF)
Provides the observation forms and materials needed for coding.

ISIOP Teacher Pre-Observation Questionnaire (PDF)
Includes questions to send to teachers in advance of an observation.